About Us

Direct Online Services Ltd began with a dream: to promote the beauty of solid wood products online, coupling the best in modern technology and marketing with sustainability, excellent quality, fast delivery and affordability.

From their base in Gloucestershire, father and son Martyn and Will Rees formed DOS (Direct Online Services) Ltd in 2008 and in the middle of the recession. Despite the challenges posed by the contemporary economic climate, the company flourished and is now a key figure in the online kitchen market. DOS continues to grow at a fast pace.

The establishment of several successful eCommerce brands has been integral to the company's rapid ascent. In 2009 Direct Online Services launched its flagship brand, Worktop Express®. Worktop Express® is the UK's leading online worktop specialist, stocking a vast collection of solid wood worktops, laminate worktops, solid laminate worktops and also solid surface worktops alongside a range of kitchen sinks and accessories.

The company has since diversified into other areas such as solid wood kitchens (using solid oak as the core material) and a focus on trade sales. The brand Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets has been trading since 2011, supplying solid oak cabinets and frontals direct to the public. The trade arm of the business has gained momentum through the development of young brand WEX Trade, which continues to burgeon.

In October 2016, DOS was delighted to secure a £3 million investment from the Business Growth Fund, an independent organisation formed in 2011 to help fast-growing businesses expand with the provision of long-term capital investment.

Where the DOS tree started with just one branch - a father-son connection - and one brand - Worktop Express® - there are now many. An experienced management team now sits at the helm of the business, alongside a fantastic group of people employed throughout the country; many whom have been with the company since inception. DOS is now an international business, with the recent launch of Worktop Express GmbH, which is experiencing rapid growth in the German market.