Our Environmental Policies

DOS is strongly committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. As specialists in solid wood, the company has always promoted policies which are designed to minimise its environmental footprint; indeed, a recent partnership with the International Tree Foundation saw DOS donate over £10,000 towards tree-planting schemes in the UK and Africa.

Some key policies include:

  • Sourcing timber from well-managed forests with established re-planting schemes. The timber used for cabinetry is sustainable European oak; and the majority of worktops can be supplied with FSC certification via the Worktop Express® brand.
  • Members of the DOS purchasing team visit suppliers at least every three months, to ensure that their high standards regarding forest management and quality control are being adhered to.
  • DOS does not use third party agents: all suppliers are visited by DOS' own employees.
  • All timber is purchased with full documentation and a chain of custody, in accordance with the EUTR.
  • DOS has worked hard to reduce wastage throughout its operation, from the manufacturing processes (worktops are constructed from small individual sections or staves, allowing maximum use of raw material and therefore minimal wastage) to the heating in its main warehouse, which is serviced solely by a biomass boiler (fuelled by any small wooden offcuts that could not otherwise be used to create products such as samples and chopping boards). The majority of in-house finishing products are natural, and the company utilises reusable packaging wherever possible and recycles most business waste.
  • The delivery fleet uses sophisticated route optimisation software that reduces its carbon footprint dramatically.
  • The company invested over £100,000 in solar panels for the roof of its main warehouse, which in time will be responsible for powering operations across the site.

Tree-planting scheme with the ITF

Though the products that DOS supplies are already ethically-sourced, in 2013 the company made the decision to go far beyond the 'reasonable' requirements and give something more to the environment - to ensure that nature would be preserved for generations to come.

Each worktop sample purchased through the Worktop Express® brand includes a 50p donation to the work of the International Tree Foundation - meaning that over £10,000 could be donated in total. This grant has been used to fund three community tree planting projects in the UK and three more in Africa, facilitating the planting of over 100,000 new trees.